What Cannabis Seeds Should I Buy?

When asking yourself what cannabis seeds should I buy, you need to make sure that the cannabis seeds look good and are a nice brown with dark spots, this means that the cannabis seeds are mature enough to grow. Usually, yellow or black cannabis seeds are dead or extremely old and if you find cannabis seeds that are green, they are not mature enough and will not germinate.  When you buy Cannabis seedsyou should try and avoid ones that look like that.

The ones who determine what cannabis seeds should I buy are the breeders!

Respectable breeders choose the best and highest quality cannabis seeds to put in their packs. If you do happen to have a dead or old cannabis seed or less than 80% of the cannabis seeds germinate, you should take a photo of the pack and bad cannabis seeds and send it to the brand you purchased them from. In most cases, they will replace the old, damaged cannabis seeds. When people ask themselves what Cannabis seeds should I buy, they begin trying out many breeders and cannabis seed companies before they find the one that convinces them and stick to it, this is very normal and you should be very diligent during the process of choosing cannabis seeds to buy.

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