How Much Marijuana Seeds Cost?

If you are wondering how much Marijuana seeds cost, the price of Marijuana seeds can vary from €17 for 3 Marijuana seeds up to €150 for ten. The price for Marijuana seeds varies according to the brand name of the breeders, the fame of the Marijuana strain and the difficulty to plant and breed the Marijuana strain. Usually, the better-known Marijuana seeds will be much more expensive but price is not proportional to quality. 

How much marijuana seeds cost depends on the breeders!

There are very many options of Marijuana breeders around and how much can depend on where you buy the Marijuana seeds from. If the shop you are buying the Marijuana seeds is in a different country than where one you live, it will also increase the price of the Marijuana seeds due to shipping costs. There are very many variables to find out how much Marijuana seeds will end up costing.

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