Medical Seeds

Barney's Farm are world leaders in the production of medical cannabis seeds. They offer a full range of strains that are high in CBD or THC and can be used for many medical purposes.
Medical Cannabis is a great treatment for most medical ailments such as Chronic Pain management, which can be difficult and frustrating, but we are here to help. At Amsterdam Seed Supply we offer the best strains for medical users, high in CBD, low in THC and vice versa depending on the treatment.

Cannabis is a medically recommended herbal therapy to treat pain, depression, Bi-Polar Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, melancholia and migraines, as well as a great sleeping aid, analgesic, and anticonvulsant, to vomiting and nausea from Chemotherapy or to counter the adverse negative effects of other nasty pharmaceuticals.
So far, the medical use of cannabis is legal only in a limited number of countries, including Canada, Belgium, Australia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Spain, and the  U.S. states of California, Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, although the rest of the country is soon to follow. The use of cannabis plants for medical purposes can be done to make extractions or smoke the flower as is, due to the innate concentration of the different compounds in our medicinal strains.

What kind of Medical cannabis strain to choose?

Although the use of medical cannabis generally requires a prescription, distribution is usually done within a framework defined by local laws, although in countries like the United States and the Netherlands, patients have an allowance of cannabis plants they can grow freely.

Historically speaking, Medical Cannabis was used as the primary pain reliever until the invention of aspirin, it was also used to treat melancholia and migraines, as a sleeping aid, analgesic and anticonvulsant, although the latter is having a resurgence thanks to the benefits that have been found associated to CBD and the prevention of seizures.

Depending on your ailment, chose the right medication that suits in Barney's farm Medical Cannabis section, higher in CBD for a longer physical effect and higher in THC for a longer lasting and stronger mental high. We do however recommend the use of medicinal cannabis plants since they contain the whole molecule (albeit at different proportions) of Tetrahydrocannabinol that as a whole compound contains all of the medical benefits of cannabis in one pretty package.

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