Cannabis seeds FAQ - Where To Find Cannabis Seeds?

If you are wondering where to find cannabis seeds, there are two places; when a female plant gets pollinated by a male, you will be able to find cannabis seeds in the flowers after a few weeks. Ideally, you should let the flowers mature completely so that you are able to find cannabis seeds falling off the flower.

Normally when a cannabis plant gets seeds, the potency of the flower will be reduced by up to 30%. 

Sadly, due to legislation, there is no particular physical shop where you can find Cannabis seeds. Luckily there are online shops where you can find cannabis seeds and can be shipped anywhere in the world, right to your doorstep, office, workspace or any other location of your choice. Cannabis seeds contain no THC and it is perfectly legal to buy cannabis seeds as souvenirs.

Okay, so where to find cannabis seeds?

If you want to find a place where you can find Cannabis Seeds, the best Indicas, Sativas, Auto Flowering and Hybrids, the place to go is Amsterdam Seed Supply

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