Cannabis Seeds FAQ - How To Cannabis Seeds?

Now you have your seeds but you're asking yourself how to cannabis seeds? The first thing you need to do is germinate the cannabis seed. In order to assure a successful germination, the most important elements are warmth and moisture. You can germinate cannabis seeds with moist cotton between two saucers in a warm and dark place like a cupboard, or alternatively, you can use Jiffy Plugs.  All you need to do is saturate them in water until they swell, then pierce a 2cm hole on the top and insert your cannabis seed.

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Squeeze the excess water from the plug then place it somewhere warm, in a couple of days the cannabis seed will germinate and once you see a taproot grow off the bottom, you can transplant it to a pot (without having to take the seedling out of the plug). Congratulations, you are now in the growth (or Veg stage) of growing cannabis seeds. This simple how-to cannabis seeds guide will help increase your germination rates and you will be able to grow and breed your favourite cannabis seeds in no time!

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