How To Grow Weed Outdoors

If you are wondering how to grow weed outdoors you have come to the right place! If you live in a country that has sunshine all year round, or you want to have a few plants on your balcony in the summer or start a few plants outdoors before the winter, this is one guide you have to read!  

How To Grow Weed Outdoors in The Best Way? 

It is important to note that plants grown outdoors will have more yield as well as a bigger size since the air will help the plant grow strong and the constant sunshine will make your plant really strong! You need to pay close attention to the plants feed as they will not be under close scrutiny like an indoor plant. You need to take some time every day to care for your plants.

Growing Weed Outdoors? Look out for rain!

Another thing to look out for when learning how to grow weed outdoors is rain. During the vegging phase, rainwater is great for plants as it helps them grow and is full of minerals and nutrients from the environment that will really help your cannabis plants be strong and healthy. During the flowering phase, the rainwater is also good, but if the flowers get too much humidity very constantly, they may grow mould or in worst-case scenarios, they could even rot!    

Advantages Of Growing Weed Outdoors

If you follow our guide to germination, you can transplant the young plant to a pot outdoors. The size and volume of the pot will determine it's size, so if you plant your weed in a huge pot, don't be shocked when you end up growing a tree! Besides the advantage of bigger plants, you can also use fertilizers like blood and fish meal, or bat guano, chicken guano and sheep fertilizer, which would leave a less than desirable smell in your house. 

This Is How To Grow Weed Outdoors

As the natural change of the seasons will cause your plant to flower, you just need to make sure you note when the flowers begin to appear and follow the breeders suggested flowering time as a guide, but you need to be aware that in most cases these are more like guidelines and not set rules. Your plant could flower sooner or later than advertised by the breeder.

Once your crystals have matured, you can manicure your plant then chop it for drying. If you recall our How to dry cannabis FAQ article, we mentioned you need to dry the plant somewhere dark for a week at least for the THC crystals to set and then you can dry it outdoors, shielded from direct sunlight and with access to a nice breeze. This is basically how to grow weed outdoors but if you have further doubts on how to begin your grow we have some FAQ articles regarding Germinating cannabis seeds.

How To Grow Weed Outdoors in The Winter

The simple answer to how to grow weed outdoors in the winter is that you can't. First of all because of the temperature, but more importantly because the winter is a cycle that is unnatural to cannabis. They vegetate during the spring/summer and they flower during the autumn, where they are ready to harvest slightly before winter. Because of this, it will be next to impossible to grow outdoors during the winter. If the colder temperatures don't hurt the plant, the low quality and short duration of the sunlight will make the results less than optimum.

During indoor growing, the plant's environment such as the temperature and light hours can be controlled and successfully tricking the plant into feeling it is time to grow or flower and eventually to be harvested is possible. If you try to grow weed outdoors in the winter, the plant will be aware of the season and environment and will behave accordingly. 

Unfortunately, how to grow weed outdoors in the winter is you can't (or shouldn't). However, if you are interested in growing the plants indoors, then when the season changes to summer, taking the plant outside to follow the seasons, this would be the best alternative to growing weed outdoors in the winter.

If you are interested, check out our FAQ article on how to grow cannabis seeds indoors or visit our web store for interesting options to grow outdoors such as the Outdoor Mix or any of the great Dutch Passion strains made with the unpredictable weather of the Netherlands in mind.