DNA Genetics - Connie Chung

flowering 60-75 days high Sleepy genetics Mostly Indica yield 450 - 600 grams per m2 gender Regular climate Cool, Hot, Temperate

Connie Chung from DNA Genetics is a great feminized cross between the incredible G13 Haze and the classic L.A Confidential making it very special among other varieties in its category. You will not be disappointed. It will reward you with the characteristic highness of your Haze ancestors mixed with the incredible aroma that we love so much of the L.A Confidential. 

It is quite easy to cultivate and develop a large harvest of juicy buds at a flowering time of 10 weeks maximum.
Connie Chung from DNA Genetics smokes in a very gentle but effective way that will fill the face of any smoker with a big smile.

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DNA Genetics Connie Chung - Specifications

Here is the news at 9 o'clock: LA Confidential and G13, the legendary cannabis seeds from DNA Genetics have been combined to create Connie Chung
60-75 days
Cool, Hot, Temperate