FastBuds - Smoothie Auto

flowering 10-11 Weeks (from seed) high Relaxed genetics 50%Sativa - 50%Indica yield 500gr - 600gr p.s.m. gender Autoflowering, Feminized climate Hot, Temperate

Bud Appearance

Fruity, sticky, resinous buds, as potent as they are tasty. Rock solid nugs that’ll crumble when touched.

Smoke Report

Balanced, yet Potent. This strain blends a euphoric head high with relaxing body effects. A great strain for a sun-time smoke, a weekend getaway or relaxed afternoon with friends.

Plant Appearance

A well structured plant that will grow a large main cola accompanied by some lower side branches, somewhat resembling an Indica, yet still with a good average inter-nodal spacing. During the later weeks of growth, some can expect purple hues to appear on the leaves.

Grow Tips

This strain could be an interesting choice/ a good candidate for the more experienced growers looking to do LST or SOG. That said, new growers don’t be afraid, she’s easy going and will fit nicely in a small grow room or cupboard, great for the more stealthy growers. A carbon filter is recommended as she can start to smell a bit strong once the flowering period starts. Growers can expect to start flushing at least 10 days before the end of the cycle.


Blended to perfection.

This strain is the perfect balance of creamy, sweet, and smooth sensations. Tastes of Berry, with hints of Vanilla make the smoke creamy yet with notes of sourness. A distinct sweet flavor will overwhelm your taste buds, all whilst the smoke remains smooth with no harshness on the throat.

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FastBuds Smoothie Auto - Specifications

The creation of a cross between Somango and Blueberry is called the Smoothie Auto, which brings the best of these two worlds to reality. This strain hits up to 23% THC and generates a tipsy high - and a relaxed overall body feeling. Its incredibly fruity tastes, not to mention, makes it very useful for extractions.
Somango x Blueberry
90cm - 110cm
10-11 Weeks (from seed)
50%Sativa - 50%Indica
500gr - 600gr p.s.m.
Autoflowering, Feminized
1st, 3rd
Hot, Temperate