How To Grow Weed

Many people ask themselves how to grow weed, a lot of people also ask How to Grow Weed in Canada or How to Grow Weed in Florida and even How to Grow Weed in The Netherlands. First of all, it doesn't matter where you live as long as you have a few pots and more than 12 hours of sunshine. If you don't have the sunshine, don't worry, you can also grow weed from seeds indoors!

How to Grow Weed Yourself 

The biggest difference between kinds of weed is Regular and Feminized seeds. You can look at our FAQ article regarding how to grow weed that shows the difference between Regular and Feminized seeds and buy cannabis seeds! But as a quick recap, Feminized cannabis seeds are only female (These are the weed flowers you can smoke). While Regular cannabis seeds are male and female, and mostly used for breeding.

How To Grow Weed From Seeds Around the World

Although you can grow weed from clones, the most widespread method is to grow cannabis from seeds. Here we will show you how to grow weed from seeds! After you germinate the cannabis seeds comes the tough part. This part is normally called Propagation and some consider it the most difficult part of how to grow cannabis as the weak and sensitive seedling needs to be taken care of until it enters the vegetative phase.

As we mentioned, the clones (or stekkies in Dutch) are already in the grow phase so it is way easier to grow weed like that. If you are brave and decide you want to try how to grow weed from seeds, we salute you! 

How To Grow Weed From Seeds

How to grow weed from seeds? You can use a damp piece of cotton or paper towels in between two saucers to keep a moist and cool environment to germinate cannabis seeds. You can also use Jiffy Plugs to germinate cannabis seeds.

The Jiffy plug method is very easy to germinate weed seeds; You just need to:

  • Dip the Jiffy Plugs in water for 10 minutes.
  • Let the plugs swell up
  • Squeeze the excess water
  • Put your cannabis seed about 1cm into the Jiffy plug and
  • Leave it in a cool dark place to germinate the cannabis seed.

How To Grow Weed Seeds In Winter

Regardless of the season, how to grow weed may change, but how to germinate cannabis seeds does not change. Ideally, you would germinate cannabis seeds somewhere warm and humid. We recommend the Jiffy Plug method as you can repot the Jiffy Plug in a bigger pot without having to remove the cannabis seedling. This way you avoid hurting the seedling.

After you have a strong seedling come 4 weeks of vegetable growth and between 6 to 12 weeks of flowering. You can find more guides on how to grow weed here or other tips on how to germinate weed seeds.