How To Clone Weed

Many people walk into grow shops and ask if they sell clones or stekkies (in Dutch) and although the answer is a resounding NO, we thought that it would be important to point out what a clone is. When you take a cutting from a plant, apply rooting hormone to it (like Clonex or Rhizopon) and then stick it in a Rockwool cube.

Now you know what is a clone, but why make one to begin with?

As opposed to growing a plant from seed, using the cloning technique would allow someone to replicate the genetics from a "mother plant" as many times as required and it would be much easier to keep the plant healthy and avoid the complications of growing the plant from seed.

How To Clone Weed?

Although it is utterly illegal to deal in clones, you can harvest them off a mother plant to make it easier for you to keep on growing plants if you got a stable female to do so. We recommend you use Regular seeds to get these plants since the stress of being kept in a perpetual vegetative stage won't stress it into being a hermaphrodite.

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