MOB™ - special pack 6+1 free

flowering 7-8 Weeks high Happy genetics Indica yield 450gr -550gr p.s.m. gender Feminized medical Yes climate Hot, Temperate

MOB™ aka Mother of Berries. An East coast Legend brought to T.H.Seeds™ Amsterdam by our Boston friend. MOB™ is an incredibly fast, short and fat plant. It looks different than what you are used to, some purple and crazy pink color and it's full of terpenes. This 100% Indica gives a very unique flavor, like nothing you've ever smelled or tasted before. The first time we smoked it in Amsterdam we had a great time but kept forgetting our keys so we named it "stupid bud"- be warned- MOB™ is strong medicine! The first entry ever by MOB™ was at the prestigious Expo Grow Cannabis Cup in Irún 2015 - it won 2nd place in Indica category.

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MOB™ special pack 6+1 free - Specifications

Available NOW! Limited edition 710 pack of MOB™! 7 seeds of MOB™ and one seed of French Macaron for the price of 5. In limited edition packaging, numbered from 1 to 710. MOB™ is the perfect strain for the end of the season as it is an incredibly fast, short and fat plant! 710 packs will come as a Limited Edition 710 special pack with 5 MOB™ seeds + 2 EXTRA FREE seeds of MOB™ and 1 EXTRA FREE seed of French Macaron. In limited edition packaging, numbered from 1 to 710. Only available while supplies last.

Mother of Berries
60cm - 110cm
7-8 Weeks
450gr -550gr p.s.m.
T.H. Seeds™
Hot, Temperate