DNA Genetics - LA Chocolat

flowering 75-90 days genetics Pure Indica gender Feminized
Chocolope X LA Confidential LA Chocolat has made improvements to both parents in this cross, the Chocolope gains the power of the LA Confidential and the LA gains the yields of the Chocolope. LA Chocolat gives you one strong medicinal hybrid that has high calyx to leaf ratio, early flower times and buds that taste like fruity, earthy, chocolate. The flower time is 8 weeks making it commercially viable, grows great indoors or for a quick finish outdoors and because the original LA structure is small it stops the stretch from the Chocolope so there is no need to pinch or top. LA Chocolat is a good strain to relieve pain and also great appetite stimulator for cancer and chemotherapy patients.
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DNA Genetics LA Chocolat - Specifications

A cross in of LA Confidential and Chocolope DNA's two most famous strains.
80 - 120 cm
75-90 days
Pure Indica