FastBuds - Zkittlez Auto

flowering 9-10 Weeks high Relaxed genetics Mostly Indica yield 500gr - 600gr p.s.m. gender Autoflowering, Feminized climate Hot, Temperate

Bud description

Candy-hard, frost covered buds.  Zkittlez Auto produces large nugs which display various shades of green and pops of orange with the occasional subtle blue and purple tones.  A nice long cure will really bring out the top shelf quality by intensifying it’s complex fruity terps, on par to its bagged-candy counterpart.


Smoke report

Starting out with a quick and pleasant head high then gradually leading into a relaxing body stone which will last around 3 hours, makes this strain great for an afternoon or night time smoke.  It’s not an overwhelming indica high, but will leave users serene and anxiety free. Great for novice consumers and long time stoners.


Plant Appearance

Zkittlez is perfectly compact, growing no higher than 1m in height, Zkittlez Auto develops multiple dense bud sites, a large main cola rocketing up vertically and a few lateral side branches.  In late flowering, expect large, stacked colas, dripping in resin. As one of our bigger producers, growers could be looking at around 450-500g/m2 in ideal conditions. Good internodal spacing, and highly resistant. A great choice for beginners and for advanced growerswho want to adventure into plant training.


Grow Tips

As one of our larger producers, growers may want to use some support to help her withstand the weight of her own buds. A sturdy strain that will respond nicely to LST and other light training methods that will produce multiple hefty colas to develop throughout the plant.  Zkittlez Auto tends to take a lot of nutrients, so make sure you have high quality nutes on hand to satisfy her hunger.



Sugary candy and berry flavors are the main notes of Zkittlez Auto, accompanied by tastes of mango and grapefruit with subtle, chocolate-like earthy undertones.

Curing this strain for at least 2 weeks is obligatory if you really want to taste the rainbow.

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FastBuds Zkittlez Auto - Specifications

Zkittlez Auto is one of FastBuds most popular strains up to date and rightfully so, with its top-notch strength, perfectly compact size and THC levels up to 23 percent. Combined with it's delicious sweet taste, this is a winner. The indica dominated hybrid covers the room with its overpowering odor and generates colas with American Football size buds.

Grape Ape x Grapefruit
60cm - 110cm
9-10 Weeks
Mostly Indica
500gr - 600gr p.s.m.
Autoflowering, Feminized
Hot, Temperate