FastBuds - Forbidden Runtz Auto

flowering 9 Weeks high Relaxed genetics 30%Sativa - 70%Indica yield 450gr - 550gr p.s.m. gender Autoflowering climate Cool, Hot, Temperate

Forbidden Runtz Auto is an Indica-dominant hybrid with a maximum height of 130cm that has been expertly selected and bred to give growers of all levels the top-quality characteristics that make its parents so famous in California;

This high-yielding strain can produce up to 550gr/m2 in just under 65 days, making it perfect for all those seeking high-quality buds in a short period of time.

You can anticipate a delectable and flavorful mix of aromas that, combined with the amazing 26% THC content, resulting in a cerebral high which it strikes you in between eyes and gradually transforms into a deep corporal relaxation.

Forbidden Runtz Auto has a well-balanced effect; experience a slightly stronger corporal high which won't leave you couch-locked firstly, but will allow you to chuckle and experience its Sativa heritage before dropping you into the nearest couch, trying to eradicate all physical pain and troubles.

A magnificent effect if you're looking for a full effect that's suitable for going out with friends or doing chores when watching your favorite documentary or show on the sofa at the end of the day.

We strongly advise against choosing a scrog net or bamboo stake to support the branches due to the thick buds that can become too thick for the branches to support.

Due to the bushy vegetation, we recommend implementing LST techniques such as tying down the stems or slightly defoliating if you're qualified enough; this allows light to penetrate deeper and provides improved ventilation between the buds, thus improving yields and avoiding mold and bugs.

Flush completely one week prior to harvesting to ensure that the true flavours and fragrances are released during the drying process.

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FastBuds Forbidden Runtz Auto - Specifications

On the inhale, this strain delivers the infamous forbidden flavor profile, but with an uncommon combination of fruity & sweet flavors and a hint of peppery terps, resulting in a smooth and fun soft smoke that gradually transforms into a distinct somewhat candy-like flavor with fruity undercurrents that leaves your throat with a delectable mouthfeel.

A perfect option for smokers who appreciate strains that hold them guessing with each hit.

Expect a main stem that grows to an average of 130cm in height and is surrounded by many long and heavy stems and branches that can grow to be almost as large as the main cola.

A genuinely bushy variety that will not shy away from displaying its spinal flexibility.
This strain produces large fan leaves with many thin paws growing from each internode, along with round golf ball-sized nugs and an obelisk-shaped major bud at the peak.

An exceptional yielder able to produce up to 550gr/m2 of high-quality flowers, this strain is ideal for extractors looking for a high-quality resin supplier.

Runtz x Forbidden Zkittlez x Ruderalis
90cm - 130cm
9 Weeks
30%Sativa - 70%Indica
450gr - 550gr p.s.m.
Cool, Hot, Temperate