FastBuds - Cream Cookies Auto

flowering 9-10 Weeks (from seed) high Uplifting genetics Mostly Indica yield 450gr -550gr p.s.m. gender Autoflowering, Feminized climate Cool, Hot, Temperate

Bud description

A mixture of colors made up of green bud, orange pistils, and purple hues all coated with sticky layers of resin, letting off pungent kushy sweet scents reminding its users of Cream and Cookies.

Smoke report

Kicking off with an uplifting high, which slowly merges into a more chilled, relaxed vibe that’s somewhat couchlocking. Ideal for enjoying a classic movie or listening to your favorite music on a relaxed summer evening. Novices may be subject to heavier lethargic effects.

Plant Appearance

With average sizes of around 60-90cm this strain has more of an Indica structure and an average internodal spacing. The plant will develop a large main cola with some side branches, all glistening with resin and with some leaves boasting light reddish colors after flush.

Grow Tips

A very quick growing versatile strain that will do well in various grow-op setups. More experienced growers can definitely go for LST on this strain. Nutrients are welcome, users may want to dose lightly and work their way up, making sure that they check the pH level of the water before feeding, generally trying to maintain around 6.5 to avoid stunting the plants growth.


Where the Cream meets the Cookies. This smooth smoking strain will give you a rich bold Kushy flavor, layered with sweet undertones giving it a sweet yet solid cookie-like tang. These complex flavors are then met by a smooth easy-inhaling smoke, that goes down like cream.

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FastBuds Cream Cookies Auto - Specifications

This dominant strain of Indica will not grow above 90 cm, is easy to maintain and offers powerful and yet subtle Sativa effects combined with a pleasant sensation of an Indica. A powerful strain with THC levels up to 23%. Kushy flavours with sugary terpenoids make it a smooth smoke, reflecting the ultimate combination for its consumers: The taste of Cookies and Cream.
Girl Scout Cookies x Starfighter
55cm - 90cm
9-10 Weeks (from seed)
Mostly Indica
450gr -550gr p.s.m.
Autoflowering, Feminized
Cool, Hot, Temperate