Fastbuds - Original Cheese Auto

flowering 9 Weeks (from seed) high Heavy Stoned genetics 30%Sativa - 70%Indica yield 450gr - 550gr p.s.m. gender Autoflowering climate Hot, Temperate

Widely renowned and highly attractive, this strain delivers a punch of natural sweetness. A blend of Sativa and Indica that really can express all of the potency in hybrids. We found that our Cheese with dense bud structure can last for 9 weeks of flowering. Her THC levels can range up to 21 percent, meaning that this hybrid has been exceptionally potent, fast to produce, and extremely alluring when it comes to smell, taste, and effect. We recommend for hash making because of its great unique flavor.

This particular strain will grow tall with thick leaves and short internodes. These female buds will have a compact appearance, and as they grow longer, the pistils will turn bright orange and then dark brown. The plant will expand and flow with two main colas and an abundance of smaller branches that will fill each internode tightly with brilliant, fertile buds.

A great choice for persons who have a high tolerance of cannabis or are seeking increased levels of flavor. This strain is a fine choice for an evening on the couch with a good movie

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Fastbuds Original Cheese Auto - Specifications

A sharp, sour, earthy, fruit cocktail with a pungent tangy edge, makes this strain one of the market's tastiest strains that continues to go,
joint after joint. Hash and extracts made from Original Auto Cheese are on a different level, which means this is one of all of the strongest terpenes you get.

It's really easy to grow and is one of the most reliable autoflower strains ever developed. Be extra careful when flowering this female indoors, using a carbon filter to clean the unwanted scents during the drying process. A very simple to cut plant that makes dense nugs in each branch, and full with extremely sticky and hybrid resin

Seeds per bag
3 seeds per bag
Original Cheese x Autoflower
60cm - 110cm
9 Weeks (from seed)
Heavy Stoned
30%Sativa - 70%Indica
450gr - 550gr p.s.m.
Hot, Temperate