FastBuds - Californian Snow Auto

flowering 9-10 Weeks (from seed) high Strong Up High genetics Mostly Sativa yield 450gr -550gr p.s.m. gender Autoflowering, Feminized medical Yes climate Cool, Hot, Temperate

Bud description

Frostbitten buds. These nugs will boast a rich green color that’ll be glazed in a thick layer of white crystals, showing it potency even before being smoked.

Smoke report

High as a mountain. A very heady euphoric high. Uplifting and vitalising, this strain is ideal for anyone looking to have great conversations at a social event or for some creative writing or drawing.

Plant Appearance

Staying true to her Sativa heritage, this plant will grow tall with a large internodal spacing. Growers could be looking at plants attaining 1.3m in height. She’ll develop a large main cola with some side branches, all densely frosty crystals, from the sugar leaves to the buds themselves.

Grow Tips

A manageable Sativa, but indoor growers will want to have around 2m in vertical space to accommodate this strain. Outdoors is where she’ll really shine, although you may want to invest in a few stakes to help support a bud encumbered plant. Other than her basic needs this plant is easy going and will be ready for harvest by week 9-10.


A smooth smoking Sativa that won’t scratch the throat and that’ll leave a mellow, yet present, sweet and sour taste on your palate reminding you of Sour Apples and candy. Like taking a bite out of a ripe green apple.

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FastBuds Californian Snow Auto - Specifications

The crossing between California Sativa and FastBuds own autoflowering strain resulted in this Californian snow. The outcome is a snow-capped plant with an icy primary cola packed with 23% THC, and a deep tangy, sweet taste and aroma, with hints of green apples. An easy-to-grow and enjoyable Sativa suitable for everyone.
Californian Sativa x Autoflower
90cm - 130cm
9-10 Weeks (from seed)
Strong Up High
Mostly Sativa
450gr -550gr p.s.m.
Autoflowering, Feminized
Cool, Hot, Temperate