FastBuds - Blue Dream Auto

flowering 9-10 Weeks high Creative genetics Mostly Sativa yield 500gr - 600gr p.s.m. gender Autoflowering, Feminized climate Hot, Temperate

Bud description

Bulky and  long appearance, with a light feel. The calyx bulge out resulting in pointy buds, glistening with trichomes. Up close, the buds are a mixture of green, purple and with thick orange hairs, and are packed together in a flurry of color. Extremely sweet smelling and mouth watering.


Smoke report

Thanks to her whopping 22% THC, her effects are powerful, upbeat and energetic. Physical effects are light, but together compliment the cerebral effects nicely.  A wonderful flower to start the day with, enjoy socially with friends, long walks in nature, sunny days at the beach, musicians, artists and for enhancing your inner creativity. 


Plant Appearance

Being around 75% sativa dominant, she will grow at a fast pace, throwing out a large number of side branches. Her leaves will be thin and long, and she can develop into a bushy plant in almost no time at all. Branches will grow quite thin, typical of sativa plants and when flowering commences can grow to a height of 110cm. A very productive autoflowering hybrid that is able to produce harvests of 450-600gr/m2, making her ideal for commercial growers. Once Blue Dream´matic is ready to harvest, she will be completely full with shimmering, resin drenched nugs that bulge from every site on the plant.


Grow Tips

She loves frequent watering and can take a heavy nutrient solution, with no issues at all.  We advise training Blue Dream Auto out on the first 3-4 weeks, to open up the canopy as much as possible. Some minimal  L.S.T will increase the amount of light that the tops will receive. Preparing a bamboo trellis, net or tomato cage is a great way to support the large buds, and prevent them from falling over with excess weight. 

By pruning the lower parts of the plant before blooming begins, will increase the amount of energy the plants used on its top buds, and ensure that there will be no unwanted popcorn buds forming. She can take more patience to trim, however produces a high amount of sugar leaf, meaning hash makers will get some incredible returns after trimming.



A very delightful fruity and floral flavor, with hints of ripe cherry, orange, citrus, and pine flavors with fruit tart mixed in. Smooth and tropical terps that will keep the palette guessing after every puff.  Great to share with friends as it’s a truly tasty strain that anyone would enjoy.

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FastBuds Blue Dream Auto - Specifications

A sativa-dominant, auto-blower beast that grows very fast. Big yields of large cola's full of fruity and floral sweet terpenes combined with citrus and pine as well as orange and berry flavours. A very flavorful and aromatic strain, excellent for newcomers who do want to try a dominant hybrid sativa strain.
Blueberry x Haze
90cm - 110cm
9-10 Weeks
Mostly Sativa
500gr - 600gr p.s.m.
Autoflowering, Feminized
Hot, Temperate