What Marijuana Seeds Look Like?

If you wonder what marijuana seeds look like, you might not be alone. Many people wonder the same. Marijuana seeds may be as big as 2mm or as small as .5mm but Marijuana seeds will always be whitish-brown and have small black spots on them. Although some strains may look different, you cannot actually tell the genetics or sex of the plant by just looking at the Marijuana seeds, regardless of the claims people make. 

Now you know what marijuana seeds look like, but what else can you tell from looking at a seed?

If you are wondering whether the size of the Marijuana seeds makes a difference, they actually don't. You will get the same result from a big or small Marijuana seed and they will grow to become massive plants even if they came from a smaller-than-usual Marijuana seed. Remember that what Marijuana seeds look like will not define the plant that you grow or ultimately the Marijuana you smoke.

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