How to Trim Weed

If you were wondering how to trim weeds in the best way, look no further. Our more than 25 years of experience growing the best strains available in Amsterdam have given us a wealth of experience on the best practices when it comes to how to trim weed.

How To Trim Weed In The Best Way

The most difficult part of trimming weed is that there is a large amount of manual labour involved. Another key aspect of trimming weed is the scissors you will be using. We have found that the ideal pair of scissors for trimming weed is sharp but comfortable at the same time. The scissors for trimming weed also need to be thin and have sharp tip, as you will be trimming between tight spaces.

The Best Scissors for Trimming Weed 

In our experience, the best scissors for trimming weed are the Ikebana ARS. These Japanese scissors are originally used for pruning bonsai plants, but due to their sharp and precise tip as well as large handles, these are the best scissors for trimming weed. They are sharp enough to shape buds as well as precise enough to get in between branches to manicure display-ready buds.

The Best Way To Trim Weed Plants

In this handy step-by-step guide we will give you the insight into how to trim weeds the best way.

  1. Trimming weed plants while budding is not recommended. You should only remove large fan leaves while the plant is still budding.
  2. Before you harvest the plant trim all the excess leaves but do not remove the leaves in between the buds.
  3. Once you have harvested and cured your weed, cut the large buds off the branches using shears.
  4. The buds left after removing the large branches should be trimmed close to the bud. Be careful to leave buds as big as possible. This improves bag weight and the trimmed buds look nicer.
  5. When trimming weed, hold the bud from the bottom and trim off the excess leaf material that sticks out from the bud. As these leaves also have THC crystals, they are also smokeable.
  6. Make sure to get rid of dry leaves when trimming weed. They look ugly and do not have a good flavor when smoked.
  7. When trimming weed it is very important to save all the leaf material or shakes. As mentioned before, the leaves also have THC crystals and they can be used to make bubble hash or dry sift if preserved properly.

You can find all the necessary tools for trimming weed at the High Culture store in Amsterdam. For more information on harvesting weed, take a look at some of our other guides.