How To Grow Cannabis From Seeds

If you are looking for a comprehensive guide on how to grow cannabis you have come to the right place. There are plenty of ways to get cannabis, but by far the best and most satisfying is to grow your own. You will find that knowing how to grow cannabis is a great and satisfying hobby that will open your eyes to plenty of knowledge that will also allow you to grow other plants like fruits and vegetables!

Growing Cannabis

This guide focuses on how to grow cannabis, whether you are wondering how to grow cannabis in Florida or in Anchorage the basics remain the same. We have made a very convenient guide that will show you how to germinate weed seeds, but as a refresher, you can germinate cannabis seeds using Jiffy plugs or Cotton / paper towels. Once the seeds have germinated you need to make sure the seedlings grow healthy and strong into plants.

This process is called Propagation and in most cases is the most difficult part regarding how to grow cannabis, as you need to make sure the delicate seedlings are warm and moist enough at all times to assure they grow into the vegging stage.

How To Grow Cannabis From Seeds

If you are growing Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds, the grow and flower phase will happen in the span of 60-90 days. If you are growing feminized or even regular seeds, you will have two phases of growth, Vegetable and Flowering. People in the United States call these "Photoflowering seeds" which may lead to confusion regarding how to grow cannabis.  As the word photo-flowering means plants that flower with light, the term makes little sense. If you are learning how to grow cannabis using a European source you may want to watch out for this difference.

When learning how to grow cannabis, the vegging phase is when the plant grows plenty of foliage and size. During this phase you should have your plants under 18 hours of light if Indoors. The second phase to grow weed or cannabis is the flowering phase. You need to have 12 hours of light if the plant is indoors.

Growing Cannabis With LED Lights

If you want to know how to grow cannabis indoors, you will find yourself with a large choice of lights. Some will be very cheap such as HPS fittings. These lights are made from pressurised Sodium and burn like sunlight. They are also quite pricey in the long run as they consume a lot of electricity, so your light bill might hike every month, which could also lead to suspicions from the Energy Providers regarding your consumption.

The other option of lights available is LED. How to grow cannabis with LED lights is much easier, although LED light units are more expensive, they consume less energy and have a higher output. This way, it is more difficult to get caught from your utility bills as a LED lamp uses less electricity than a hairdryer. LED lights also produce less heat and therefore require less ventilation to circulate the hot air. 

All in all, how to grow cannabis with LED lights is much easier and more economical. The better option remains to grow your cannabis outdoors, but regardless of the environment, there are a few basic rules.

How To Grow Cannabis In Florida

The rules for growing cannabis apply if you want to know how to grow cannabis in Florida or how to grow cannabis anywhere else.

  1. The first and most basic rule regarding how to grow cannabis is that every plant needs its own pot. 
  2. You only need to water the cannabis plants whenever they need it, don't drown the plant.
  3. Plants grown outdoors will have higher yields but plants grown indoors will have more potency.
  4. Make sure you put your plant in the pot it will live in permanently as soon as possible. Many people say that it is fine to transplant your plant several times when growing cannabis. This will cause the plant to get stressed and in worst cases become hermaphrodite.

If you follow the basic rules on how to grow cannabis, you already have a head-start! For further details you can read our Growing, Flowering and Germination guides. You can also visit our store in Amsterdam if you have any particular questions we have not covered!

We also recommend trying out seeds like Kiwiskunk or Mako Haze when you are learning how to grow cannabis. If you don't plan on visiting us soon, you can check out our FAQ section or write us an email!