How To Build a Grow Room

We have been asked on many of our social communities to show you how to build a grow room. The requests have ranged from how to build a grow room in a basement, or how to build a grow room in a garage and even how to build a grow room in a shed. Regardless of where you choose to build your grow room, there are a few basic characteristics to take into consideration. The most important aspects to take into consideration when planning how to build a grow room are Air and Light.

How To Build a Grow Room - Air

Regardless of where or how you want your grow room setup and design, the circulation of air is the most important part. The best grow setups take the volume, or m3 of a room in order to best calculate the amount of air that needs moving. You will notice when setting up a grow room that the capacity of the filters and air fans all come in m3. This simply means how much air the extractor and fan will have to move. The capacity of the fan has to be proportionate to the grow space and most importantly to the kind of light you will use.

How To Build a Grow Room - Light

As mentioned in the paragraph covering the ventilation aspect of how to build a grow room, the light will determine how much capacity is required from the air system. It does not matter if you want to build your grow room in a garage or build a grow room in a basement or even if you want to turn a bedroom into a grow room, the rule will remain the same, your fan capacity needs to be double the watts of the lamp you intend to use. For example, if you have a 300-watt HPS lamp, you need to be able to move at least 300m3 of hot air in your tent. 

If you have an LED lamp, however, you only need to move around 300 to 350m3 of air. This is because the LED lamp does not output the same amount of heat as HPS lamps and therefore require less air movement to keep the plant from burning. With that mentioned, any space has the potential to be a grow room. All you need is an enclosing space to keep the light inclosed and to avoid any light leaks from external sources. 

Of course, space has to be airtight (if smells are an issue) and waterproof, as there will be runoff water when you are feeding your plants. The most important part when turning a space, such as a bedroom into a grow room is to be able to maintain a climate in the space with as much control as possible. The medium you are using to grow also plays a very important role in grow room setup and design.

How To Build a Grow Room - Grow Medium 

The grow medium is a very important part of grow room setup and design, as the runoff or reservoir space needs to be taken into account. Usually, when growers convert large spaces such as garages or basements as grows, they line the walls with sound and smell insulation. After that, the walls can be lined with reflective material to make sure that none of the light invested in the room is wasted. No external light should be able to enter the grow space as it will stress the plants and disrupt the grow. 

It is very important when considering how to set up a grow room that the floors get lined with pond lining material. This tough rubber will keep all the runoff from feeding the plants from dirtying or staining the flooring, or worse, cause humidity damage and will be an extra way of preventing massive damage to your grow area if there is a leak or excess runoff. This applies to the spaces that are to be converted into grow areas, the main rules are:

  1. Keep external light out and internal light in
  2. Keep external weather, humidity and environmental conditions out and smells and runoff in

How To Build a Grow Room - Best Location

We have been asked about how to build a grow room in a garage. how to build a grow room in a shed and even how to build a grow room in a basement. Ultimately, the best location has little to do with the internal conditions of the spot and how to turn a bedroom into a grow room is fairly simple if you take care of the air, water and environment around your grow. The one important aspect for a great grow room setup and design is that the location has to be discreet. You need to make sure that you are careful and smart enough to keep your grow hidden from your family, the authorities and especially your neighbors. Don't run your mouth and show off that you have a grow as you could inspire feelings of jealousy and that can be even worse than getting busted.

This guide covers the basics on how to build a grow room. If you need more specialized help, you can come visit us in the High Culture store in Amsterdam or drop us a message.