Cannabis Seeds FAQ - How Do I Harvest My Plant?

Once the effort of growing, staking, netting, blooming, feeding and taking care of your dancing ladies has come to an end (from either the completion of weeks of blooming or the trichomes turning milky or amber), one of the most important questions we get asked is How Do I Harvest My Plant? 

It is very important to know that this is a slow process, it begins two weeks before harvest when the plant is fed with PK 13-14 or any other blooming booster along with sugars. This boost of food is supposed to be done for the equivalent of a week. Once this period is done, there is a week of flushing. 

The answer to how do I harvest my plant is not a short one!

Some people prefer using enzymes like Canna-Zym or Flawless Finish, but with water and pH- is more than enough for that week of flushing. As soon as that is done you can proceed to hack the plant down. We recommend you remove all the fan leaves (long leaves) and leave the buds on the stalk. Hang the stalk upside down in a dark place with plenty of ventilation.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that during this period the plant stays at least ONE WEEK in COMPLETE DARKNESS. This is to ensure that the all-important Trichomes don't get burned. If you were to commit the mistake of drying the weed under lights, the crystals would burn and your weed would be as good as useless. Once this week is over, comes the fun part... the trim.

After a week in the dark, the weed should be nice and dry but smelling a bit funny... You can take it off the plant and begin the long and fun process of trimming the weed. You should trim the buds off the sticks and cut off leaves from the buds. Usually, the trim process contributes to the aesthetics of the bud so you may have plenty of trimmings with trichomes. 

Once you are done trimming, put the buds in a ziplock bag, take the excess air out and leave it for another week to cure. (Don't throw your trimmings away since you can freeze them and make butter with them, or even better, you can make Ice-O-Lator hash with them.)

Don't worry, the process is always this long and tedious but you have to remember that the better you do this, the more dedication you put toward it, the better your end product will be. It is very unfortunate but you can screw up a perfect grow by not harvesting properly. 

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