Drying Cannabis

If you are wondering how to dry cannabis after the long and winding path of growing and flowering, we have the answer for you! Drying cannabis is not a very difficult part of the process, but it takes a minor issue while drying cannabis to make a huge disaster in your harvest. Here you will be able to find how to dry cannabis as well as how to go about drying cannabis outdoors.

Although it is not a big difference, there are some key factors that are important to point out while drying cannabis, whether it is drying cannabis leaves or drying the whole cannabis plant. Continue reading to find out our best practices for drying cannabis!

How To Dry Cannabis Like A Pro

When it comes to drying cannabis, we recommend drying the whole cannabis plant. The reason is that when you are drying the cannabis, whole-plant will help the trimming process and there will be less of a chance that your buds break or dry too much. We recommend you trim a few leaves although drying cannabis leaves is also possible, you just need to leave them on when you chop down the plant.

After you have decided what to do with your leaves, you should then chop down the plant and immediately hang it upside down in a dark and well-ventilated area. It is important that the first week of drying cannabis happens in the dark because light burns the THC crystals and takes away all the potency from the plant.

Drying Cannabis Outdoors

When you are drying cannabis it is also possible to do the process outdoors, but drying cannabis outdoors is riskier because someone may spot your harvest and snitch... or worse, steal it!

If you are sure about the place you will be drying cannabis, you can leave your harvest outdoors as long as the buds are not in direct contact with sunlight. The UV rays will reduce the potency of the THC, but the cannabis will also dry faster and become powder. Therefore we recommend a shed or roofed area for drying cannabis outdoors. If you leave the cannabis out for a week to dry (after the week of darkness) it will be more than enough. Now comes the difficult part...

How To Dry Buds Without Hanging

If you don't have the space to hang your drying cannabis, you can also use nets that will allow you to lay your cannabis and should also allow for airflow. Remember that if there is any moisture left in between the buds that does not air out, you could lose your harvest to mould! The easiest way to drying cannabis whole plant is to hang it upside-down. Although nets are how to dry cannabis buds without hanging, we recommend you dry the cannabis in a well-ventilated place to avoid the extra risks!

Drying Cannabis As A Whole Plant

Once you are done drying cannabis, you need to cure it! Remember that difficult part we mentioned when drying cannabis outdoors? This is it... You need to trim all the buds off your plant. This will be the most tiring process, but all the leftovers can be used to make cannabutter. In this article, you can find out how to make cannabutter!

After trimming all the buds from your plants and freezing the trimmings for extracts, you should put the buds that are done drying in a glass jar or a humidity-controlled container. If you don't have access to either, a Ziploc bag also works, but you need to squeeze the air out. Leave your buds to cure anywhere from a week to three weeks and your cannabis should be ready to smoke!

Enjoy your cannabis and remember, sharing is caring!