Where To Buy Cannabis Seeds In Canada?

It doesn't matter if you live in Calgary, Edmonton, Mississauga, Montreal, North York, Scarborough, Toronto, Vancouver or Winnipeg, you can get marijuana seeds in several outlets in Canada. The best way to get cannabis seeds in Canada would be ordering them online.

Cannabis use in Canada is legal for both medical and recreational uses, the latter since the 17th of October 2018. This means that seed, grain and fibre production is legal too. That means that you can get the best strains of cannabis seeds Canada!

Autoflower Cannabis Seeds Canada

If you are looking for the best Autoflower Cannabis seeds Canada, you have come to the right place. There are Autoflower, Feminized and Regular marijuana seeds available just a click away. Autoflower seeds are popular in Canada as they require less care since they flower much faster.

Autoflowering seeds also require less time to flower and with the weather in Canada, that makes outdoors growing and harvesting a bit more efficient and much more doable. Is it a good place for autoflower cannabis seeds? Canada is great for growing auto-flowering cannabis seeds. Canada has the weather that would allow for at least one season of growing outdoors!

CBD Cannabis Seeds Canada

With the quick flowering time of autoflower cannabis seeds, Canada can harvest two plants in the amount of time it takes for one feminized or regular cannabis plant to harvest. This makes Autoflower cannabis seeds in Canada a good choice.

As the medicinal use of cannabis was made legal in Canada in 2001, the use of CBD Cannabis Seeds in Canada has increased substantially. CBD seeds are very similar to Hemp for fibers as they both contain a very low concentration of THC and high CBD. They are also very hardy plants that thrive outdoors. Not a good balcony plant, as they grow very tall. The advantage of CBD strains is that they can produce CBD rich flowers that can be smoked as-is, or can be processed to make extracts such as CBD oil and tincture, or CBD hash and dry-sift. 

Medicinal Cannabis Seeds Canada

The medicinal uses of CBD seeds are great once the plant has been harvested. If you live in places like Canada, there is also a chance that you have access to an outdoors spot to grow, but as we mentioned in the How to Germinate Weed Seeds, if the weather is very cold, you will have to germinate your CBD seeds indoors in Canada.

Amsterdam Seed Supply has a great selection of CBD seeds you can use in Canada to make sure you have the best CBD flowers that will greatly improve the quality of any CBD based extract or CBD tincture.