What Are The Best Cannabis Seeds?

Are you looking for the best cannabis seeds in the world? Do you follow breeders while eagerly awaiting their newest releases that push the boundaries of flavour and potency? Then you are in the right place. Amsterdam Seed Supply has the widest variety of the newest releases by the best breeders. But before you take our word for it, what makes cannabis seeds the best cannabis seeds in the world?

Best Cannabis Seeds 2019

Every year the best cannabis seed breeders experiment with strains from all over the world working to highlight some of the properties such as yield or potency. Some other strains are bred to resist the weather and others are even bred to increase the amount of CBD in the strain.

There are as many strains as there are tastes, but you need to consider a few key aspects for the best cannabis seeds:

  • Find strains from a reputable grower with many years of experience in the field, a lot of seed companies sprout out of nowhere and sell bulk seeds of dated strains.
  • Make sure that the breeder guarantees a high germination success rate and always keep proof of purchase of your seeds in case you cannot conserve the original packaging. That way the breeder can be sure you got your seeds from a reputable vendor.
  • Follow the information regarding flowering time that the breeder has provided, but remember this information is not set in stone, ultimately you need to look out for the signs your plant is giving you.
  • Finally, the best cannabis plants do not only depend on the seeds, but the care that you give your plant will make a difference.

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Best Cannabis Seeds In Amsterdam

 There are plenty of excellent seed breeders in Amsterdam, but what are the best cannabis seeds in Amsterdam? The ones that best suit your particular needs. This means that you need to decide the aspects you want from a plant such as:

  • The effect (Indica, Sativa, hybrid)
  • The weather you want to grow the plants in,
  • If you want to grow them indoors or outdoors, 
  • If you want quick-grow (Auto-flowering) or you would rather take your time (Feminized, Regular)

All these aspects come together to make the best cannabis seeds. All seeds are good, but the best seeds are the ones tailor-made to your needs. Unless you live in cold weather.

Best Cannabis Seeds For Cold Climate

Although cannabis thrives growing outdoors in warm climates, it cannot thrive in weather under 16ºC (60ºF). Therefore it is necessary to limit the time the plant remains outdoors to avoid damage from humidity and cold. Unfortunately, even the best cannabis seeds for cold climate need to be germinated indoors. They also need to be grown or vegged indoors. The plants could then be moved outdoors during summer and ultimately harvested in late autumn before winter comes.

Therefore the best cannabis seeds for cold climate should be able to resist cold to some degree and also humidity (as would be the case in places like the Netherlands). Ultimately your best choice is to grow indoors, but we also have found great results with strains from Dutch Passion strains.

From the best cannabis seeds for cold climate to the best cannabis seeds in the world, you can find all the best cannabis seeds 2019 and beyond in Amsterdam Seed Supply.