Positronics - Cum Laude

flowering 75-90 days high Creative genetics Mostly Sativa yield 300 - 450 gm per m2 gender Feminized

Described as ‘The Crown Jewels’ by the great teacher, legal expert, philosopher and writer Antonio Escohotado; who is recognised as one of the 100 great thinkers of the 20th century. This strain was created to thank him for his priceless regulatory work in the world of cannabis throughout his life. Cum Laude is the result of a triple-hybrid between plants with high Sativa components. Selected cuttings were donated to us with the intention of working with crosses between them and developing a stable line of pure Sativa.

From birth, it will grow at a rapid speed with a perfect pattern in the shape of a fir tree, changing into a candelabra shape with pruning during growth. This is why it’s recommended to reduce the vegetative period as much as possible. It presents a high internodal distance, but the structure of branches and stems has optimum support thanks to the large floral clusters. It possess a medium quantity of leaves, very narrow and serrated, that present a dim green colour. The buds are thick and spongy with a very oleaginous layer of trichomes.

For indoor cultivation, we recommend working with a unique photoperiod of 12/12 from germination and stakes for the large floral clusters. We recommend restricting growth fertiliser in order to avoid unnecessary size. The strain is strong and resistant to fungus.

AROMA: The plant releases an aniseed scent with traces of lavender during the vegetative period. It has a complex and special aroma with the nostalgia of coffee and exotic spices which changes and acquires much deeper essences.
FLAVOUR: We perceive strong notes of earth and peat forest with spicy sensations which are long lasting on the palate due to its high concentration of terpenes and terpenoids.
EFFECT: : An immediate state of intoxication that is very lucid, pleasant and long-lasting. Thoughts flow at higher speeds and provide moments of heightened creativity. Without a doubt, a Haze mixture that captivates the fans of exotic Sativas.

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Positronics Cum Laude - Specifications

Reina Madre x Tijuana x Original Haze
60cm - 110cm
75-90 days
Mostly Sativa
300 - 450 gm per m2