Southseeds - 020 Blue Cheese Autoflower

flowering Autoflowering high Relaxed genetics Mostly Indica yield 350g + p.s.m gender Autoflowering climate Cool, Hot, Temperate

020 Blue Cheese Autoflower is an indica hybrid between a Blueberry male and a female U.K. Cheese (a Skunk #1 phenotype). The berry and blue cheese aromas combine to produce a rich, unique taste reminiscent of the original Cheese. At the end of each day, the strong effects will make you feel comfortable and can provide treatment for muscle pain, discomfort, and anxiety or tension.

Blue Cheese buds that have been cured are wide and have an extremely dense bud structure.

The leaves are light to medium green in color and are threaded with copper-colored fibers (which are actually pollen-collecting pistils).
This is a highly pungent strain, and the plants are coated in white powdery trichomes to compensate.

020 Blue Cheese buds are tough to crack up by hand and usually involve the use of a grinder. This variety has "bag appeal" due to its pungent fragrance; the flowers have a fruity, berry aroma, which is inherited from the parent strain Blueberry.

A tangy hint of cheese balances out this sweetness, which some have compared to musk or even rotten vegetables.

When flowers are burst, the smoke produced is dense but lung-expanding, and can cause severe coughing in consumers who take a large size hit.

After overcoming the eye-watering, palate-tingling flavor, smokers will find an entirely fruity blueberry flavor on the exhale, devoid of cheesy odor.

However, this strain can leave a musty, hash-like aftertaste in the throat long once the vapor is exhaled.

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Southseeds 020 Blue Cheese Autoflower - Specifications

Not to worry, 020 Blue Cheese Autoflowering does not mimic moldy cheese unless you are a lover of blue cheese, for which we apologize for disappointing you - this is just a taste thing, nothing else.

020 Blue Cheese Autoflowering is a cross between two auto-flowering varieties, Cheese Auto and Blueberry Auto.
Soft and fruity flavors and aromas characterize this wine. Peppery, cheesy aromas are also present, originating from the UK's underground breeding operations.

This Indica-dominant auto flower strain is excellent for relaxing the stressed muscle. Take a spliff and unwind. THC concentrations reach those high levels, almost identical to photoperiod cultivars. From planting to harvest, Blue Cheese Autoflowering takes 65-75 days to complete its growth cycle.

The amounts range between 40 and 150 grams per plant. Naturally, it is a small herb.

Seeds per bag
3 seeds per bag
Blueberry x Cheese x Ruderalis
60cm - 110cm
Mostly Indica
350g + p.s.m
Cool, Hot, Temperate