Southseeds - L.A. Confidential

flowering 7-8 Weeks high Heavy Stoned genetics Pure Indica yield 500gr - 600gr p.s.m. gender Feminized medical Yes climate Cool, Hot, Temperate

LA Confidential is identified as a major strain with great success. Their buds look frosty and full of crystals, supported by lime green branches with small lilac leaves. The taste is pine and smooth, the classic scent is skunky and doesn't last long.

Overall, LA Confidential is a unique strain that offers a psychedelic, trippy, and highly soothing experience on the mind and body. LA Confidential will help you to sleep and treat acute pain for youthful patients seeking relief.

The high of this pine fragrance starts by engorges the body and induces a state called a sofa lock.
Couch-lock users also experience waves of euphoria and often cerebral effects that are soothing and satisfying.

Since this is a pure Indica strain, some people find their cerebral effects on the psychedelic border.
It can also make people think and boost people's moods.
The strong laziness of L.A. Confidential is often characterized by an overnight rest.

One of the most strongest strains available, when cultivated with the right amount of fertilizer, light, etc this plant will give you lots of greatness back to you. It has been a championship winner for a couple of times, and not without a reason.

Southseeds - LAConf
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Southseeds L.A. Confidential - Specifications

You have come to the right place, if you are looking for a champion indica.

LA Confidential is a 100% Indian flowering plant that is great for purist fans who are searching for pure sofa locking sensations.
Once this strain has been hit, you can experience thc effects immediately.
Psychedelic awareness, combined with mildly energizing intensities can also be experienced when smoking this potent strain.

During the High Times cup in 2008, LA Confidential won the first prize in the Indica category.

LA Confidential is the outcome of OG La Affie mixed together with Afghan strains.
After about 7-8 weeks LA Confidential ends its flowering time. The yields are not that big, however, this plant compensates the yield with some amazing flavors and aromas.

O.G. LA Affie x pure landrace Afghani Indica
100cm - 120cm
7-8 Weeks
Heavy Stoned
Pure Indica
500gr - 600gr p.s.m.
1st, 2nd, 3rd
Cool, Hot, Temperate