Cannabis. Nouvelles Du Front

A judge who condemns a young person to a sentence of imprisonment firm to the speeches, worn out by our politicians. The arguments used by supporters of a radical change in the lucubrations of the proponents of prohibition ... when cannabis makes the news, it always supports us in the idea that its prohibition has only negative effects. "Cannabis, news of the front" takes stock of a year of cannabic actuality between humor, combats, infos and jurisdictions. "As usual, it's full of info, beautifully illustrated and of course it's radically anti-prohibitionist." In this rather crazy book, Jean-Pierre Galland has completely renewed his approach, a nicely delirious model, even more drawings, a veritable mine of short stories, articles from the national press, gossip and mood tickets. In short, a joyful brothel that points with humor and intelligence the evolution of the minds on an ever more topical subject, and which makes even more squeaky the antiannabic obsession of the state and the well-thinking.
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