Big Buddha Seeds - Cheese

flowering 55 - 60 days high Heavy Stoned genetics Mostly Indica yield 300 - 450 gm per m2 gender Regular

Introducing, for the first time, the UK's number 1 strain, the Big Buddha Cheese A backcrossed version of the Cheese, a clone only form plant which has been growing in various places in the UK.

The Big Buddha Cheese retains specific parts we loved from the original cheese, namely its sublime, distinctive taste, which, when tasted reminds people of the old skool cannabis they first smoked in the 80's when the first hybrids were developed, The high from the Big Buddha Cheese is also very special indeed, a no ceiling, uplifting, motivational, high, in fact we have had members of our crew smoke the BBC everyday for the past 3 years with little change in effect and quality of high.

Big Buddha Seeds - Cheese
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Big Buddha Seeds Cheese - Specifications

120cm - 150cm
55 - 60 days
Heavy Stoned
Mostly Indica
300 - 450 gm per m2
Big Buddha Seeds