Sensi Seeds - American Dream

flowering 45-60 days high Heavy Stoned genetics Mostly Sativa yield 400gr - 500gr p.s.m. gender Regular

There are a couple of meanings behind American Dream’s name, starting with the obvious link to growing - honest toil, personal improvement, enjoying the fruits of one’s labour.

Some people involved in developing this strain also recall an offhand remark that the aims of the breeder are very well summed up by the idea of the American Dream. When working for long periods with a cherished group of plants, the hope is that each new generation can be even more prosperous than its parents and reach new heights of success. In cannabis breeding, success and prosperity can be measured in terms of potency, vigour, yield and reliability.

American Dream
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Sensi Seeds American Dream - Specifications

120cm - 150cm
45-60 days
Heavy Stoned
Mostly Sativa
400gr - 500gr p.s.m.
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