Purple Banana Cream by T.H.Seeds™ 6+1 free

flowering 8-9 Weeks high Uplifting genetics 40%Sativa - 60%Indica yield 500gr - 600gr p.s.m. gender Feminized medical Yes climate Hot, Temperate

Are you hunting for a monster strain that's easy to grow but produces huge yields, like you'd get at the finest dispensaries in America?

Then you've come to the right place! Purple Banana Cream from T.H.Seeds is just what you're hoping for! It's simple to cultivate, harvest, and preserve. It should not be that effortless to grow flowers of this excellence. It's truly the case, though!   

Purple Banana Cream, a banana, grape, & gelato cocktail is the outcome. In addition to its unique structure, Purple Banana Cream grows quickly and is tolerant towards a broad range of environmental stress factors.

This is a great variety for beginning gardeners. It's possible to top her a bunch of times to get more top flowers, but scrog is an alternative that also succeeds very well with this plant.

TH Seeds Purple Banana Cream has thick, trichome-covered buds that appear as purple banana cream candies.Overall it is a blend of banana - grape - gelato flavours with a sweet taste profile that feels like  ice cream when inhaled.

When smoked at the end of the day, the results are powerful and you'll feel uplifted as well as comfortable. The enormous thick trichomes, on the other hand, are fantastic for manufacturing hash with a high yield, despite the little effort. To acquire the entire spectrum of tastes, we suggest drying the dense flowers for at least 10-16 days depending on your drying conditions and curing for the same amount of time - this will enhance your smoking experience for sure! 

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Purple Banana Cream by T.H.Seeds™ 6+1 free - Specifications

Purple Banana Cream feminized by T.H.SeedsTM is available in a Special Edition 710 pack!

For the amount of 5 seeds, you'll get 7 seeds of Purple Banana Cream and 1 seed extra from our famous French Macaron strain. Are you searching for a powerful strain that really is easy to grow and produces huge harvests, like you'd find at the top dispensaries in Cali?

Purple Banana Cream from T.H.Seeds is just what you're hoping for! Banana, grapes, and gelato flavours all in one go..

Numbered from 1 to 710 in a special limited packaging. Restricted to 710 packs only. Just a limited number of these feminized 710 packs are offered, so act immediately - gone is gone! 

Banana Punchsicle x French Macaron
110cm - 150cm
8-9 Weeks
40%Sativa - 60%Indica
500gr - 600gr p.s.m.
Hot, Temperate