Planet Lemon by T.H.Seeds™

flowering 8-9 Weeks high Hungry genetics Hybrid yield 450gr - 500gr p.s.m. gender Feminized climate Cool, Hot, Temperate
With Planet Lemon by T.H.SeedsTM, go INTERGALACTIC and reach for the stars! Planet Lemon will whisk you away on an unforgettable journey in which you will be the star of the show. Enjoy the smooth, sweet lemon candy while feeling energized. Birthday Cake X Birthday Cake parentage results in a perfect OG Kush type structure with dense flowers and an incredible terpene profile. A distinctive lemon experience. The structure is similar to a solid Kush, but the smell is completely different, more sweet and candy with a hint of sour. T.H.SeedsTM Planet Lemon has an open structure with good internode spacing, is not overly leafy, and stretches by a factor of two. She can be broad as the side branches wrap around her, then narrow and straight. We recommend topping once or twice to make the Planet Lemon bushier and easier to control the lateral branches. A little pinching can also help to stimulate lateral growth. She can be slow during veg, but she picks up speed in the final weeks of veg and flowers faster than other comparable strains. She is simple to trim, and the leaf-to-flower ratio is excellent, making her ideal for a variety of extractions. The buds are dense and green on the outside, with purple tones on the inside, and are covered in crystals that shine brightly like stars in the night sky. Planet Lemon tastes like a lemon meringue pie. A rich flavor that fills your entire mouth. The effects are smooth and enjoyable, energizing, and ideal for a 16:20 midday smoke with friends followed by some munchies. Prepare to go INTERGALACTIC with Planet Lemon by T.H.SeedsTM and reach for the stars!
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Planet Lemon by T.H.Seeds™ - Specifications

Planet Lemon feminized by T.H.SeedsTM is now available in a Limited Edition 710 special pack! For the price of 5, you get 7 Planet Lemon seeds and 1 French Macaron seed. With Planet Lemon by T.H.SeedsTM, go INTERGALACTIC and reach for the stars! Planet Lemon will whisk you away on an exciting adventure in which you are the superstar. While tasting the smooth, sweet lemon candy, get a boost of energy during your high. Limited edition Planet Lemon Feminine 710 packs are only available while supplies last.
Birthday Cake S1 (Birthday Cake x Birthday Cake)
120cm - 150cm
8-9 Weeks
450gr - 500gr p.s.m.
T.H. Seeds™
Cool, Hot, Temperate