Southseeds - CBD Gandhi F2

flowering 7-8 Weeks high Relaxed genetics 50%Sativa - 50%Indica yield 450gr - 550gr p.s.m. gender Feminized medical Yes climate Cool, Hot, Temperate

By far the best Medicinal strain we have in stock at the moment, high on CBD - low on THC. This is Gandhi F2 ready for your Medicinal benefits.

Feminized variant of a seed producing CBD amounts between 8 and 12 percent and THC marginal with >0.2 percent to exact specifications. It is a delightful surprise to observe in a greenhouse field, with a fruity fragrance and a strong thick sequence of flowering branches. For those who wish to achieve extractions of a terpene/cannabinoid nature, it will be especially interesting.

The concentration of CBD on plants would range mainly from 8 percent to 13 percent, and this seed did not see any THC values above 0.2 percent in all the previous indoor tests. Perfect for industrial hemp use, and medicinal benefits.

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Southseeds CBD Gandhi F2 - Specifications

Germination and pre-growth can be performed in the same tray and placed directly into the soil.

We expect 80% of seeds to return tightly packed flowers like the types of Indica and 20% to the Sativa branch
of the family line.

Consider this breed to be finished after 7 weeks of flowering, and hit 1.5 meters if pre-growing
for just one week. If you are looking for a HIgh CBD low THC strain, this seed is the best choice.

Medicinal use is recommended - or great when farming industrial hemp.

Gandhi X CBD Hybrid
120cm - 160cm
7-8 Weeks
50%Sativa - 50%Indica
450gr - 550gr p.s.m.
Cool, Hot, Temperate