Barneys Farm Red Dragon

flowering 45-60 days high Creative genetics Mostly Sativa yield 600+ grams per m2 gender Feminized climate Cool, Temperate
Brazilian X Afghani.

Himalayan Kush crossed with a true breeding Brazilian sativa. The plant has a distinct and immediate, exotic sativa high, but is followed immediately by a wonderful solid Kush stone that lasts and lasts.

Finished buds have a taste and smell of sweet ripe grapefruit. Red Dragon grows medium short, (80 cm) and produces branches full of heavy colas that require staking for support.

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Barneys Farm Red Dragon - Specifications

Red Dragon is another cannabis hybrid with the red line genetics. The seed breeders crossed an exotic Himalayan Kush with a true breeding Brazilian Sativa (Utopia Haze.
45-60 days
Cool, Temperate