Feminized Seeds

Feminized marijuana seeds have a tremendous advantage over artificial lighting, outdoors or in the greenhouse and the convenience of only having female seeds translates to dank sinsemilla buds. High-quality feminized seed strains are difficult to produce and take years of research to stabilize just one variety! Expert growers prefer using Regular seeds when it comes to their breeding so that they can play with the genetics to achieve better strains and make crosses of their own, none of which is necessary if you are a hobby grower or would like to start with growing your own cannabis.

Breeders have been working with feminizing cannabis seeds for over a decade and are true masters of it now. Things have come a long way over the years and now can offer over thirty fantastic feminized seeds and counting with excellent flavor and potency.

Choose Amsterdam's Legendary Feminized Seeds

With Amsterdam's legendary feminized seeds you will be able to have classic strains like Blue Cheese, Cookies Kush or Vanilla Kush with a great success rate and stable strains that are classics within the cannabis breeding scene in Europe. Our strains have been bred taking into consideration the different weather limitations from the northern hemisphere or the great and consistent conditions in the equator or southern hemisphere. 

Although if you choose to grow indoors under artificial lighting or in a greenhouse, we also have feminized seed strains that thrive in those conditions to give you the best possible potency, flavour, and yield. Our feminized seed strains are easy to grow and take care of, you will have the best time ever taking care of your cannabis plants at home, in your garden, on your balcony, and in your greenhouse. 

Choose your feminized seeds and you'll see what we mean!

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cannabis seeds Bad Azz Kush order online
Barneys Farm Bad Azz Kush
weed seeds Ayahuasca Purple order online
Barneys Farm Ayahuasca Purple
weed seeds Phatt Fruity order online
Barneys Farm Phatt Fruity
weed seeds Crimea Blue order online
Barneys Farm Crimea Blue
weed seeds Honey B order online
Barneys Farm Honey B
marijuana seeds Red Diesel order online
Barneys Farm Red Diesel
weed seeds Top Dawg order online
Barneys Farm Top Dawg
weed seeds Violator Kush order online
Barneys Farm Violator Kush
weed seeds Morning Glory order online
Barneys Farm Morning Glory
weed seeds 8 Ball Kush order online
Barneys Farm 8 Ball Kush
weed seeds Sweet Tooth order online
Barneys Farm Sweet Tooth
weed seeds LSD order online
Barneys Farm LSD
weed seeds Laughing Buddha order online
Barneys Farm Laughing Buddha
weed seeds G13 Haze order online
Barneys Farm G13 Haze
marijuana seeds Blue Cheese order online
Barneys Farm Blue Cheese
cannabis seeds Cookies Kush order online
Barneys Farm Cookies Kush
weed seeds Peyote Critical buy online
Barneys Farm Peyote Critical
marijuana seeds Phantom OG order online
Barneys Farm Phantom OG
marijuana seeds Blueberry OG buy online
Barneys Farm Blueberry OG
cannabis seeds Peyote Cookies order online
Barneys Farm Peyote Cookies
Barneys Farm - Glue Gelato Auto
Barneys Farm - Glue Gelato Auto
Barneys Farm - Blue Gelato 41
Barneys Farm - Blue Gelato 41
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