Barneys Farm CBD Critical Cure

45-60 days Relaxed Mostly Indica 600+ grams per m2 Feminized Yes Hot, Temperate
Critical Kush X CBD Enhanced.

The fast flowering Critical Cure plant produces huge, heavy buds, and the plant needs to be well supported in the final weeks of flowering.

Flowers are full of resin and have exceptionally high CBD levels. CBD and THC share a special interdependent relationship and work together to increase one another’s therapeutic benefits.

Critical Cure - CBD-8%, THC-5.5%. Flowers have an intense and earthy flavor with a hint of sweetness.

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Barneys Farm CBD Critical Cure - Specifications

CBD Critical Cure Cannabis Seeds Medical Feminized Cross Pollinated Critical Kush with Pure CBD 100% Indica Indoor Greenhouse Marijuana Seeds Order Yours Today Safe & Secure
45-60 days
Hot, Temperate