Southseeds - Chocolope F2

flowering 10-11 Weeks high Clear High genetics Mostly Sativa yield 500gr - 600gr p.s.m. gender Feminized climate Hot, Temperate

Chocolope has long, fluffy buds which, contrary to the nugget-like buds of more Indica like species, end up as an almost cylindrical shape. Leaves are dark green and remarkably loose; though they might be very sticky, they are typically easier to break up than strains of pure indica. Pistils are usually vibrant orange. The cured buds have an especially sweet and beautiful smell. This earthy aroma is a little more powerful when buds are broken and heated up.

This strain has a smoke that is smooth – it looks more like parent strain "Cannalope Haze" and mainly tastes fruity with some hues of chocolate. Cocoa and coffee notes are more apparent with the exhalation of smoke.

Due to the crossing with Chocolate Thai, the plant has a relatively long flowering period of around 12 weeks. Outdoors it will be ready for harvest late October, beginning of November. This long period of flowering is worth the wait, Chocolope can produce up to 60Grams per square foot. (2 Ounces)

Recommended for social activities, wake & bake sessions or creative things like making music, writing or creating art. 

Southseeds - Chocolope F2
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Southseeds Chocolope F2 - Specifications

Massive sativa buds bring a dreamy, cerebral effect with earthy, delicious coffee flavors. Consumers experience a solid, euphoric shift in mindset that is ideal when coping with depression, anxiety or stress, as well as a natural pain killer. Chocolope may have accomplished the flavor by mixing terpene and wet land production for the production and harvest of coffee. Flowering time 11-12 weeks, in return you will get a unique bag appeal and great smoke with a lot of potiental to be creative in many ways, as well as a social lubricant. Perfect for gatherings with friends and colleagues.
Chocolate Thai X Cannalope Haze
125cm - 150cm
10-11 Weeks
Clear High
Mostly Sativa
500gr - 600gr p.s.m.
Hot, Temperate