Cannabis Seeds FAQ - What Weed Seeds To Plant?

Many people find themselves wondering what weed seeds to plant, and have a difficult time choosing between strains. As a rule of thumb, when shopping for weed seeds you need to make sure that they are a nice brown colour with dark spots. Weed seeds that are green and very small are not mature enough. Usually, yellow or black weed seeds are dead or extremely old so try and avoid ones that look like that because they will not germinate either.

Now you know what weed seeds to plant, but what makes a good weed seed?

Respectable breeders choose the best and highest quality weed seeds to put in their packs. If you do happen to have a dead or old weed seed or less than 80% of the weed seeds germinate, you should take a photo of the pack and seeds and send it to the brand you purchased them from. In most cases, they will replace the old, damaged weed seeds. Very few people have been able to find a weed seed that they like on the first try.

When asking yourself what weed seeds to plant, you might have to germinate and grow out many strains from different companies until you find that one weed seed that has a great germination rate, grows vigorously and works out every time it is planted. Don't worry if it doesn't happen quickly, once you realize what weed seeds to plant you will find it difficult to stop. 

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