How Do I Pick A Cannabis Seed?

Normally when people walk in and see a menu with 1001 seed strains, the first thing on their mind usually is How Do I Pick A Cannabis Seed?(usually followed by which one is the strongest?) A very effective way of narrowing a choice is finding out which genetic is preferred (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid), then what kind of seed (Regular, Feminized, Auto-Flowering) which usually narrows down the choice from 1001 to 20 or 30.

How do I pick a cannabis seed? With plenty of prior research!

Even this number seems very high, but there are as many options of strains as you can imagine. Some people choose to do their homework and research seeds based on the aforementioned and even adding some categories, like if the plant may end up yielding purple buds or if the leaves will look like a duck's foot.

Usually, the main difference is just a name or brand but the plant's genes may be the same. Another trick that seed companies like playing on unsuspecting wannabe hobbyists are selling bulk seeds under generic strain names and assigning the value of packaging.

It is very important that you verify the authenticity of the breeders and look up reviews from other growers, usually, you can weed out the impostors and learn lots of useful tips from other growers with regards to their experiences with strains. You can also use our seed finder using the attributes mentioned above on our seed finder.

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