Cannabis Seeds FAQ - How Big Will My Plant Get?

If you have a small space and lots of plants that will stretch, then you will want to restrict the amount of vegetative time you allow them. Conversely, if you have a single plant in a large space you will want it to grow large to fill the space.

Very generally speaking most strains should be given 6 weeks of grow time from seed in order to allow time for the hormonal change from a seedling into an adolescent plant. This is especially true if you are looking to take cuttings from the plant.

So now I know how big my plant will get, do the genetics have anything to do?

It is possible to flower plants directly into 12/12 -the result depends primarily on the genetics of the strain.

If an Indica dominant variety, you may end up with a very small single cola.  A Sativa dominant plant will tend to grow larger as they rely more on overall body-mass before flowering.

Normally we find Hybrid Sativa dominant plants can stretch up to three times the size from when you change your lights.

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