Southseeds - Wedding Cake

flowering 9 Weeks high Relaxed genetics 40%Sativa - 60%Indica yield 500gr - 600gr p.s.m. gender Feminized medical Yes climate Hot, Temperate

Girl Scout Cookies crossed with Cherry Pie resulted in Wedding Cake (also known as Pink Cookies), a potent indica-hybrid cannabis strain with a unique aroma, flavour and bag appael. 

The therapeutic and euphoric effects of Wedding Cake help to relax the mind and body. This strain has a rich, tangy flavor profile with aromatic pepper undertones. Wedding Cake is used by medical marijuana patients to alleviate the symptoms such as discomfort, insomnia, and loss of appetite. Due to its high THC content, consumers with a low THC tolerance should approach this strain with care.

Wedding Cake has become extremely popular recently, and in 2019 it was labeled as Leafly's (A well known cannabis strain website)  Cannabis strain of the year. Also known as Pink Cookies, the Weddingcake strain is recommended for the more hardcore smokers out there. Southseeds is happy to present you their Wedding Cake version, straight from Amsterdam.

While some married couples indulge in a piece of their frozen wedding cake on a first anniversary, a few tokes of Wedding Cake would be just as satisfying. Rich and relaxing, it can stoke emotion and passion -- and fortunately, it’s not such a knockout that it’ll prevent you from enjoying a little bit of intimacy.

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Southseeds Wedding Cake - Specifications

We are more than happy to finally present our very own version of the popular Wedding Cake strain straight out of Amsterdam.

Wedding Cake is distinguished by its very huge and colorful flowers. The chunky, cube shaped nuggets are held together by a tight, indica-like bud structure with strongly curling leaves. The leaves will show a unique earthy green to brown color when the plant gets into the flowering stage.  This strain's high THC levels and extremely sticky texture are due to a high concentration of trichomes.

The buds of Wedding Cake are as visually stunning and will get very aromatically when she's ready to harvest. This strain is more suitable for the experienced smoker due to it's very high THC levels so be aware and take it easy on your first smoke session with this Wedding Cake variety. 


Girl Scout Cookies x Cherry Pie
80 - 120 cm
9 Weeks
40%Sativa - 60%Indica
500gr - 600gr p.s.m.
Hot, Temperate