Kannabia - Kickass Auto

flowering Autoflowering high Relaxed genetics Pure Indica yield 300 - 450 gm per m2 gender Autoflowering climate Cool, Hot, Temperate
The Little Dragon has woken up. A real legend among Kannabia strains, Sweet Tooth has such psychoactive and flavour characteristics that we decided to adapt them to our most productive Rudelaris version. As a result, this variety combines speed, strength and versatility in growing. B. Lee produces long, thick buds aromatized with the characteristic Citrus fruity flavour. The plant will be ready 8 weeks after the germination of the seed. The structure is a bush-type one, with thick and productive lower branches. Flowers are compact, orange and covered in trichomes. It is highly resistant to insect plagues and fungal diseases. Indoors, you can grow in 18 hour photoperiods without any problem. Outdoors, we suggest planting from April to September.
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Kannabia Kickass Auto - Specifications

The Little Dragon has woken up.
Cool, Hot, Temperate