Kiwiseeds - Dampkring Classics - Cloud 9 - Regular

Dampkring Classics Already the winner of prizes including 3rd place Bio seed strain, at the HighLife Cannabis Cup 2008. Cloud 9 is a tasty feast of flavours created from classic origins. Years ago 'Kiwiseeds' and 'Dampkring Classics' began a project to stabilize an exceptionally great example of one of the finest herbs on the planet 'N.Y.C. Diesel'. After much work, the final product has been crossed with the infamous Kiwiseeds 'Milky Way' to create something very special. This hybrid is all about taste. Choose seedlings that show vigour and strong branching patterns, for the best mothers. Finishing times are good. For connoisseur product, choose the longer flowering phenotypes. Now available, the best of these genetics in Regular seeds, what better way to make the ideal strain than breeding the best of the best into your favourite variety? That is now possible thanks to our strains being available in Regular seeds too!
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