Barneys Farm - Glue Gelato Auto

flowering 63 - 70 days high Happy genetics 40%Sativa - 60%Indica yield 300 - 450 gm per m2 gender Autoflowering, Feminized medical Yes climate Cool, Temperate

Are you ready to experience the GLUE GELATO AUTO™? Elite West Coast cuts have been discovered and melded into an autoflowering jewel. Make sure you try this mouth-watering mixture of Gelato and Glue at their finest. Suddenly she will send you into a sublime and soothed state. Let her unleash her mesmerising magic on you as heavenly feelings wash over your body, all your cares disappear, and a tranquil, settled frame of mind takes over. Glue Gelato can be relied upon to change your mood for the better.


Don’t miss out on this potent pistil party – it’s a really simple matter  to take her from seed to bud in only 70 days, give her a try, you’ll be glad you tried Barney’s GLUE GELATO AUTO™.

Barneys Farm Glue Gelato Auto
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Barneys Farm Glue Gelato Auto - Specifications

90cm - 120cm
63 - 70 days
40%Sativa - 60%Indica
300 - 450 gm per m2
Autoflowering, Feminized
Barneys Farm
Cool, Temperate