Southseeds - Amsterdam Kali Mist

flowering 10-11 Weeks high Very Strong Up High genetics Mostly Sativa yield 350gr - 500gr p.s.m. gender Feminized medical Yes climate Cool, Hot, Temperate

The effects of Kali Mist are highly sativa-like. The high is focused in the brain, with a buzzy sensation that leaves you feeling energized.
Users report feeling not only stimulated but also uplifted. Kali Mist is an excellent medical strain for mental illnesses because of these aspects.

Many Kali Mist users report feeling inspired after consuming this strain. As a result, if you're trying to get artsy and/or do some creative activities, it could be excellent. It's also said to be a great strain for authors and music producers. It's even used before yoga and meditation by some Cali residents, as it allows the mind to truly open up and examine its own inner workings.

This strain, however, should be used with caution due to its high THC content. It's especially true because higher doses of Kali Mist have been known to cause psychedelic effects. You might feel a little weird from the spacy cerebral high, so be careful not to unintentionally induce a spell of paranoia, so be aware of its potency.

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Southseeds Amsterdam Kali Mist - Specifications

Kali Mist is renowned for producing energetic, clear-headed effects that can touch upon psychedelic sometimes.
It's thought to have emerged in the 1990s by combining different sativa-dominant hybrids, despite its unclear genetic origins its one of the most well known sativas in the world. This light-weight sativa is great for people who want to stay focused and productive during the day, but be careful, it could be a bit strong for in experienced users. It's very psycho-active and trippy in its effects when smoked in a bong. 

Seeds per bag
3 seeds per bag
South East Asian and Mexican Sativa genetics
120cm - 140cm
10-11 Weeks
Very Strong Up High
Mostly Sativa
350gr - 500gr p.s.m.
1st, 3rd
Cool, Hot, Temperate