Cannabis Cup Winners

Barney’s Farm has won many international prizes including more than 40 Cannabis Cups! Success has come from hard work, and the rewards have been given for the quality and stability of its cannabis seeds. They have prize winning strains that go back to 2002 and earlier, timeless quality strains that have passed the test of time and remain within the collection of every seasoned grower and connoisseur. Barney's Farm's multiple prize-winning strains such as Sweet Tooth and  G13 Haze are proof of the quality genetics in Barney's Farm cannabis seeds. The dank qualities of Barney's Farm marijuana seeds have been recognized multiple times by the High Times Cannabis Cup as well as the Sativa Cup, making these strains extra special.

The High Times Cannabis Cup is a cannabis institution and has a ceremony every year that prizes the best Indica and Sativa strains (Auto-flowering strains do not have a category in the Cannabis Cup) based on a blind taste test carried out by a panel of experts and cannabis legends, as well as the editors of the High Times Magazine. This means that seasoned experts approve of the genetics that Amsterdam Seed Supply has specially compiled and made available to anyone around the world through its cannabis seeds.

Prize Winning Cannabis Seeds 

Barneys Farm is a recognized world leader in the production of top quality and genetically stable cannabis seeds. This passion for our chosen life underlines our commitment to provide our customers with the best genetics possible through the highest quality marijuana seeds. Barney's Farm continue their search for rare genetics and they are devoted to the creation of new and exciting marijuana strains that constantly surpass each other in terms of genetic stability, incredible germination rates and at the end of the grow, a dank and flavoursome flower that is full of resin.

It doesn't matter if you're a Kush fan or prefer Hazes, Barney's Farm seeds has prize winning genetics that is sure to satisfy your needs, when you take a look at the prize-winning cannabis strains that are available, you will realize the long line of champions that Barney's Farm has made available may very well be the best smoke you've had! 

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weed seeds Acapulco Gold order online
Barneys Farm Acapulco Gold
As low as €33.00
cannabis seeds Utopia Haze order online
Barneys Farm Utopia Haze
As low as €25.00
cannabis seeds Amnesia Lemon order online
Barneys Farm Amnesia Lemon
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cannabis seeds Liberty Haze buy online
Barneys Farm Liberty Haze
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weed seeds Top Dawg order online
Barneys Farm Top Dawg
As low as €29.00
weed seeds Morning Glory order online
Barneys Farm Morning Glory
As low as €25.00
weed seeds Laughing Buddha order online
Barneys Farm Laughing Buddha
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weed seeds G13 Haze order online
Barneys Farm G13 Haze
As low as €30.00
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