Barneys Farm Pineapple Express Auto

flowering 60-75 days high Relaxed genetics Mostly Indica yield 450 - 600 grams per m2 gender Autoflowering climate Hot, Temperate
Pineapple Chunk x Super Auto

Our world famous PINEAPPLE EXPRESS™ is now available in an auto-flowering variant.

PINEAPPLE EXPRESS AUTO™ is a hardy, fast flowering and easy to grow cannabis plant giving generous yields of heavy buds coated in resin.

PINEAPPLE EXPRESS AUTO™ produces an impressive 60 to 100 grams per plant of delicious earthy Indica. The vegetation period is just four weeks with a flowering period of just thirty days.

PINEAPPLE EXPRESS AUTO™ exudes mouth-watering sweet aromas with an intense pineapple flavour.

The effect of this amazing strain allows the body to relax by creating stress reducing calmness.

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Barneys Farm Pineapple Express Auto - Specifications

Like the original Pineapple Chunk, Its single, firm cola is flecked with gold and reddish brown, but the very visible THC crystals are clearly the result of contemporary breeding and selection.
60-75 days
Hot, Temperate