FastBuds - Lemon AK Auto

flowering 9-10 Weeks (from seed) high Uplifting genetics Mostly Sativa yield 500gr - 600gr p.s.m. gender Autoflowering, Feminized climate Hot, Temperate

Bud description

Zestful flowers. Tightly packed, these buds will be heavily coated in crystals, with a rich deep green color and high THC content, making them a great producer of resin, ideal for those extraction lovers out there!

Smoke report

A citrusy smoke that delivers uplifting euphoric highs, great for conversing or creative activities. Novices may want to watch out, Lemon AK is potent, boasting up to 24% THC. A strain that’s guaranteed to get you high.

Plant Appearance

Lemon AK can grow anywhere between 70-100 cm, developing a large main cola and a few side branches. She’ll be a bushy stem the first few weeks but will resemble a frost covered christmas tree by the end of her cycle and may need some support to hold up her sturdy bud production. Despite being an autoflowering strain, her Sativa genetics could lead her to take a little bit longer to fully mature than some of our other genetics.

Grow Tips

Having a large foliage production in the first few weeks, followed by heavy bud production in the flowering stage - you’ll most likely want to place something to help support the plant to avoid it collapsing under its own weight. LST will be welcomed, but resides mainly for the more experienced growers. Lemon AK loves as much as she can get, so if you can allow 20 hours of light a day, go for it!


With new citrusy touches to the original earthy-tasting classic. A maybe somewhat rough smoke that comes hand in hand with the rich AK-47 taste, combining its bold flavors and adding a new lemony zest to it, taking off some of the roughness and replacing it with a citrus twist.

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FastBuds Lemon AK Auto - Specifications

The classic root strain AK-47 is welcomed by FastBuds. In relation to delightful citrus flavours, consumers could expect a pleasant fruity aroma, which really is ideal for adventurous spirits and social gatherings. Boosting up to a 24% THC level, this is one for the books. A robust, solid plant which will not grow higher as 100cm, making it ideal for the allround grower. Indoor & Outdoor suitable, a nice classic strain with a lemon touch. Won't disapoint at all!
AK47 x Super Lemon Haze
60cm - 110cm
9-10 Weeks (from seed)
Mostly Sativa
500gr - 600gr p.s.m.
Autoflowering, Feminized
Hot, Temperate